Friday, 20 April 2012

Towards a “Society with a Smile”

Our current ‘western’ society promotes a competitive culture - In order to win someone else must loose, seems to be the prevailing attitude in a lot of places.

Therefore when we see someone else win we sometimes feel a sense of loss – i.e. it hurts us to see someone else happy - we tend to feel pain when observing someone else’s pleasure – this is almost as disturbing as the thought of people feeling pleasure from seeing someone else’s pain – which is the definition of sadism.

At a recent event I went to for Harmony Day someone commented – “Everyone who comes through the door comes with a smile”

This is the sort of culture I wish to promote – one in which people are happy to see other people happy

A friend of mine, talking about his mother being in hospital recovering from an operation, commented - “It beats the heck out of dying”

We are increasingly living in a society where Living doesn’t beat the heck out of dying – for some people the thought of just living another day (let alone living forever) is too painful. Does that mean we let them die? This phenomena seems to be increasing – maybe eventually life will be too painful for everyone – does this mean we are destined for extinction?

Recently I heard my parish priest say in his sermon at mass – “Suffering only has value if we Love”

My friend Loves his mother – therefore “It beats the heck out of dying” – and I am sure his mother feels the same way – at least partly because she has a son (and several daughters and a husband) who love her.

If everyone “came through the door with a smile” i.e. with an attitude of love for other people - then life would “Beat the heck out of dying”

And now for some poetry....................

Religion for Dummies

The gospel is religion for dummies
How long has it been with us
How much have we heard
And we still don't get it
Verily I say unto you
No greater Love
Than this
Has man
That he lay down his life
For his neighbor
Or his enemy
The first commandment
The new commandment
With all your heart
With all your mind
With all your strength
With all your soul
Your neighbor