Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Madness of Life

The last couple of days I have been filming the Communities in Control Conference - which I do each year - and the last speaker was Ita Buttrose, who is, amongst other things president of Alzheimer’s Australia. She spoke about the need to educate people about how to support people with dementia, in and as part of society.

My mother and grand mother both lived the last years of their lives in this condition. My mother passed away a few years ago in a psycho geriatric nursing home in New Zealand with me only able to visit her for a week at a time a year or two apart, and totally unable to emotionally deal with her condition.

Recently a good friend of mine passed away in similar circumstances. I had lost touch with him over the last three years mainly because I was unable to deal with his condition.

I wrote this poem on reflection of this and other things at the conference.......................

A Prayer

Oh Lord I beseech thee
That with thy beneficent mercy
You look upon your people, all people
The lost, the lonely
The mad, the angry
The hurt, and the sad
The winners, the losers
The strange and the happy
The correct and the less so
The wrong, the right, and the left
And the victims in the middle

And teach us to forgive our own trespasses
And those of our neighbor
And our crazy old mothers and grandmothers
And ourselves
Lost in the fear
Of going slowly nuts in a nursing home
Incontinent and unable to remember
Which planet we are on
And what universe we are in

Certain that everything we try
To make the world better
Is in vain
And dust and dirt
Is all that will remain
After we are gone

Like the dinosaurs
Frozen in cold hard stone
A reminder to those that come after
That the more powerful your are
The more extinct you will become 


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cogito Ergo Sum

I've been thinking a bit about thinking - and I've come up with my latest poem.......

Des Cartes

I think therefore I am
I thought therefore I was
I’m not thinking at the moment
So does that mean I’ve ceased to exist?

We think too much
Processing electrical signals in the brain
Trying to make the universe
Make some sort of logical sense
Quantum mechanics, string theory, uncertainty principle
Behavioral psychology, neuroscience, brain plasticity
Bible study, comparative religion, theology

It’s all in a cloud somewhere
As we pick bits out
They become real
Only to vanish again
Back into the uncertainty
When we move on to the next idea

The reality of sanity
Depends on
How many ideas
We can hold in our heads
At any one time
Before they vanish
Back to heaven
Through the quantum tunnel

The more ideas
In any single moment
The closer to
The divine 
We come

But it hurts!!!

Then I thought I'd better do some research on Rene Descartes who (as I found out long ago from Monty Python) came up with "I think therefore I am" - and I found this wonderful video on you tube which pretty much sums up what I've been thinking lately (especially the bit about the proof of God - which despite having thought about it for quite some time, still makes sense to me) - maybe theres hope for me after all and I'm not as crazy as I think I am - or maybe its just that the rest of the world is as well !