Thursday, 9 August 2012

Keep on Keeping on

Often times it seems that no matter what one does, whether one starts new projects, or keeps on doing the same things, that one only ever gets so far (however far that is - it seems to vary from person to person), and life keeps going round and round in circles, and that it is always someone else that is on dancing with the stars, or Australia's next top whatever.

And I'll bet that that the person who is currently Australia's next top Whatever feels the same way.

I don't think that the famous, the rich, and the powerful are fundamentally and different from the rest of - they are just stuck in their own circles, going round and round and never seeming to break out.

But I think the key word in all this is "seeming".

No matter how similar each circle seems to be from the last, no matter how imperceptible the difference, we are all progressing - whether we are progressing forwards or backwards seems to me to be a trick of the mind.

Some people just have a harder time than others in finding the "trick" that works for them - which may be a good thing if you follow the premise that "the more  pain the more gain" (though I think that this is fundamentally flawed - especially when applied by one person on another - the phrase "to be cruel to be kind" I think is just plain WRONG)

Though on the other hand there may be something to be said for the idea that what we get for nothing is worth exactly what we pay for it.

 The best things in life are free - or to be more precise - bought with things other than money - Love, Trust, Faithfulness, Perseverance.

And I think the "trick" is to try and shrink the circles down to points - to individual moments - and do your best in each - going from each moment to the next will then generally take care of itself..

And now for what really matters - the poetry (This was inspired by Paul Mitchell's reading at tonights "Rotunda" event) ................

The Pen

The pen is indeed
Mightier than the sword
And each key on the board
Is something to skip over
And dance upon
An understandable nonsense
Spills forth
From the brain
That is mired 
In molasses

Into the ether it goes
And clowns around
Totally overlooked
By the ostrich like masses
As it passes by 
The forests of the righteous
And the award winning
And discovers one soul
At the back of the room
At the end of the universe
To resonate with
And create
A totally unseen
And unheard

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