Sunday, 14 October 2012

The "Yes Win" Situation

Like James T Kirk I don't believe in the no win situation. Failure is only an indication that you haven't succeeded yet, not an excuse to stop trying. Look at Nelson Mandela in Robin Island, he didn't give up when they took everything away from him and locked him up, and out of a seemingly impossible situation he succeeded. The list of people who have succeeded when they should have failed is not endless, but it is much longer than we think. Mandela, Bishop Tutu, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and the ultimate example of failure that is success - Jesus.

The idea of mutual unconditional love is definitely a vote looser to those who prize immediate success above everything else, which in today’s modern western society appears to be just about everyone (or at least according to the media, everyone that matters).

The ultimate truth is all about the last being first "unless you are like this little child" - always trusting, always learning, and always making mistakes.

And now for the poetry...........

Hard Rubbish

Forgiveness is like a hard rubbish collection
We must put on the kerb
All the things we collect daily
Or by the hour
Or by the minute
Or by the second
And let go of them completely
And immediately

If we clutter up the present moment
With the past
Or the future
We lose it

But it's not easy to do
The vagaries of life
Hang round in the unconscious
Like an inconvenient unpleasant odor
That we tend to blame on others
Or on God
Or the devil

And blame is counterproductive
Even blaming ourselves
Is only a hole to fall into

Repentance is not about blame
It's about resurrection
And the fall
Can only be understood
In the light of the cross
And it's aftermath



Celebration of suffering
Celebration of mercy
Celebration of forgiveness
Celebration of sacrifice
Celebration of death
Celebration of life
Celebration of joy
Celebration of spirit
Celebration of truth
Celebration of love
Celebration of unity

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